Weightloss Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

I love love love this place. Lipomelt helped me lose alot of weight and Angela is awesome and very knowledgeable. She will cheer you on and if you are feeling down one day because of only losing one pound she will make you feel better about yourself. I still have some weight to lose but she still cheers me on. I highly recommend hopes wellness. Great place to leave your fat behind.

Shirley Hurd

Angela is amazing at helping her clients achieve their weight loss goals in a safe & affordable way with instant results. I highly recommend Angela as she is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her patients health and happiness. You won't be disappointed!

Gina Logan

Hopeswellness is the heart and soul of Angela Porterfeild. Lifestyle changes for a healthy approach to weight loss and a healthier, happier you is her goal. Her methods and process has helped me change my outlook on nutrition and how to reverse the damage done by previous weight loss programs promising what only Angela was able to provide me. This is the last weight loss program I’ve used, will ever need. Check out the website, and give Angela a call if you’re serious about changing for the better!!

jane lanusse

Angela is the best out there! She's super knowledgeable in weight loss, cellulite reduction, & she makes you feel comfortable from the start! Trust her in getting you to see the Fountain of Youth in a short period of time! Her equipment is top-notch, and seeing HOPE is an added bonus on your appointments!

Beth Pensky

Angela has such a warm caring manner and is very knowledgeable about healthy weight loss. I give her a hard time asking a bunch of questions but she is always patient and takes her time with me. I love the lipomelt!

Jean Setarah

I would definitely recommend Hopes Wellness Center and lipomelt. I'm seeing amazing results after 2 sessions Since I'm seeeing amazing results after just a few sessions can't wait to see what happens after a few more. Angela is amazing and she is so knowledgeable with everything about this machine and the health and weight loss industry. Angela also walks you through what is going to be done so you know what to expect and can be very comfortable. Angela and Hopes Wellness is a place I'd definitely recommend for anyone.

Melissa Birss

Angela is wonderful. She is professional and really knows her stuff. I have had 7 sessions so far and the results are fabulous. I have lost inches everywhere, and my face looks smoother and tighter. I highly recommend Hope Wellness!! ♥️

jamie freudiger

Angela is a miracle worker! The LipoMelt sessions and wraps REALLY WORK!!! I noticed a difference in just one session. Noticeable difference in lessening the cellulite on my thighs I thought I had to live with forever. And Angela is such a caring, friendly person to be around. Do yourself a favor and at least make an appointment to meet with her and learn more about all of her products and services. Thank you, Angela! ❤️🥰👏

Michelle Paisley Reed

This is a blessing sent from heaven my prayers have finally been answered. Lipomelt is the best thing since slice bread with immediate results. Not to mention the energetic, knowledgeable, and inspiring supervisor /owner Angela she is great and she helps you to be accountable to your success. Ive reccomended this to serveral of my family and friends and all of them is satisfied with it.

Tysi Holte

Hopeswellness is a great place to go if you want to loose fat while relaxing under the warm lights. it is the best. Angela is the greatest, she is a wealth of info, so very friendly, careing. she can help you loose weight, get healthy and feel good about yourself. check it out you wont be disappointed .

Pepper Conrad