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Holistic Health Coach- Angela Porterfield​

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  Angela Porterfield is the owner, holistic health coach, and clinic director of Hope’s Wellness Center. She is a holistic health coach and has a diploma in human nutrition. She began noticing, around 10 years ago, as she was visiting our local mall ( near the “food court “) that there was a REAL NEED for a different approach to health and wellness and that the options that were available WERE NOT WORKING. This is what drove her to be as passionate as she is about helping everybody that she comes into contact with to be the best them that they can be. Her unique approach to wellness and weight loss is dependent on each individual’s needs and goals, as everybody’s BODY is unique. She is now dedicating her life to educating ALL of her clients on the safest healthiest way to achieve ALL of their wellness and weight loss goals. I know she is willing to go the extra mile to coach you 1 on 1 almost 24 hours a day..if needed. Angela makes herself that available to you because YOUR SUCCESS is the MOST IMPORTANT THING to Her.

 Let US help you make YOUR hopes and dreams for a healthier and happier you become a REALITY!! Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Customer Reviews about our holistic health coach

“Consistently amazing customer service dosen’t happen by accident. It happens on Purpose”.

Sarah Savin

Nicest lady I’ve ever met! Highly recommend!

Audre Mae Ward

HopesWellness is awesome! Angela is incredibly knowledgeable about the machine and the health & wellness industry. The results speak for themselves!

Diana Konzen

I was very impressed by the results I got. Just after one session I could see a difference. Angela is one of the sweetest people and helps guide you and direct you for a healthier life. And Hope her dog puts a smile on your face.