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Angela Porterfield is the owner and clinic director of Hope’s Wellness, a weightloss center in Clearwater, FL. She is a holistic health coach and has a diploma in human nutrition. She has spent her life keeping abreast of ALL the latest research and findings that will help US all achieve our best health and wellness.


In 1980’s, NASA conducted multiple studies in space, resulting in the discovery that certain wavelengths of light cause a reaction within various cell structures. These studies show that low level light can have a healing, natural and healthy influence on the human body, based on which wavelength of light is utilized. 


Our clients often see results from the very first treatment at our weightloss center. And also every subsequent treatment thereafter. They also say that they leave with an uplifted feeling and a better sense of well being. Come give it a try for your self.

Customer Testimonials From our Weightloss Center

What Our Customers Say

Angela has such a warm caring manner and is very knowledgeable about healthy weight loss. I give her a hard time asking a bunch of questions but she is always patient and takes her time with me. I love the lipomelt!

Jean Setarah

Hopeswellness is a great place to go if you want to loose fat while relaxing under the warm lights. it is the best. Angela is the greatest, she is a wealth of info, so very friendly, careing. she can help you loose weight, get healthy and feel good about yourself. check it out you wont be disappointed .

Pepper Conrad